We have a big, fat, audacious vision for what we call a creative community center for making.   Our goal is to create a place where you can:


  • Shop a variety of local goods
  • Learn how to make things and purchase the supplies needed to do so
  • Explore the entrepreneurial opportunities in making and network with others interested in the same
  • Bring your entire family - kids & grandparents - and have a fun, enjoyable, educational experience



Modern Handmade Memphis began as a series of handmade shows under the Indie Style Market brand in 2010. In 2012 we partnered with the Mayor's Innovation Delivery Team to produce our first handmade popup shop in Overton Square.  The team has since popped up on Broad Ave, Overton Square, and Harbor Town.


The team has over 300 artisans & makers from all over the Midsouth designing and making a variety of high quality goods.


We invite you to connect with us today!


our vision


To accomplish our goal and bring our creative community center to fruition - we need you!  If you are in:


  • Looking for a place to sell your work
  • Looking for a venue to host your classes
  • Looking for your own creative studio
  • Interested in volunteering your time



meet your maker

Olivia & Ruby

"I am inspired by the style of the 1920's - 1950's" says Tonya Tate the designer behind modern vintage lifestyle brand. Olivia & Ruby.  A  lifelong maker,  she taught herself to sew as a teenager and began making her own clothes  and hats while a student at the University of Memphis.


"I love to see how people dressed in old movies.  It's so different from our pared-down style of today.  The hats, the cut of the suits, the length of the skirts - I really like how elegant it made them look."


Her collection includes handmade fascinators made from feathers, flowers and veiling, some vintage-inspired jewelry pieces, and a brand new all-natural bath & beauty products such as body creams, solid perfumes, and scrubs.


Her vision is to expand the brand by creating a capsule collection with the same modern vintage sensibilities.